Why choosing Brittany ?

The Brittany Costline : the longest French shoreline, offers a variety of amazing landscapes.
Each coastal area has its own identity, a subtle marriage between the colours and shapes of the rocks and the sea. This maritime influence has left its mark on Brittany’s history as many hardened sailors, fishermen and other seafarers have left its coast to sail the world’s oceans.


The Brittany Inland : Although less well known than the coastline, the interior of Brittany contains hidden treasures.

Mysterious and rustling with legends, the Argoat can be enchanting and varied, with its extremely diverse landscapes, the tones of which change from season to season: golden yellow cultivated fields, golden brown forests, mauve heather in the moors, damp green of the ferns and mosses.
It is no surprise that the heart of Brittany has touched the heart of so many artists.


Answer to the call

of this legendary land !

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